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Urbanears Zinken DJ Swivel Wired On Ear Black Headphones with Microphone

Product Details

Type :

Ear-Pad (On the Ear)

Model :

Zinken DJ

Connectivity :

3.5mm Jack

Colour :


Brand :




What the Seller Says

Urbanears Zinken DJ Swivel On Ear Headphones with Microphone - Black Model No: 1000601 Zinken is a DJ headphone extraordinaire. Its full-size on-ear construction isolates you from outside noise, so you can hear deep bass and crisp mids and highs. Packed with features, Zinken comes with the dual-duty TurnCable for an adapter-free life, and the ZoundPlug for instant music sharing. Comfort is key, especially during those long sessions, so we’ve designed Zinken with swivel ear caps and an adjustable headband. Back in the real world, use Zinken’s handy microphone and remote to pick up calls on the go. #1 TURNCABLE - Our Solution For An Adapter-Free Life Completely detachable, the TurnCable comes with two plugs, one on each end. There’s a 6.3mm plug on one end for DJ sessions and a 3.5mm plug for music listening on the other, because as much as you want to, you can’t spend all hours of the day plugged into your mixer. #2 ZOUNDPLUG - Instant Music Sharing The ZoundPlug is not really a plug, but a socket that lets you share your music with a friend. Simply plug another pair of headphones in via the empty outlet on the ear cap and enjoy. #3 COLLAPSIBLE - Take Them Everywhere We know you take your headphones with you wherever you go, so we made sure to design ours to be fully collapsible so you can easily fold them down and be on your merry way. Specs: Drivers: 40mm Dual-Diaphragm Drivers Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz Impendence: 85 ohm Sensitivity: 95dB Max Input Power: 50mW Package Content: Urbanears Zinken DJ Swivel On Ear Headphones with Microphone - Black Detachable Turncable Quick Start Guide